Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Watch Live shows or sports matches online on Android phones

Watch Live shows or sports matches online on Android phones

yes u can watch anything everything live and online without buffering even u have 2G internet speed because of this skyfire awesome browser,it saves 75% bandwidth thats why u can watch live streaming without buffering
Watch the video of how to play, and the skyfire browser is cracked and full so just enjoy live streaming videos or sports matches
and also it gives nice video quality and nice sound quality just watch the video if u dont understand how to do that
there are so many websites are available for live streaming or anything but they requires flash player but in this browser u dont need any flash player because a flash player already built it in this browser,just search on the google whatever u wanna watch live or streaming or anything like i did i search INDIA MATCH LIVE and i got a website and then i clicked on start streaming and a pop up apear that flash player is not installed , and then i have just click on Video option on skyfire browser and the live streaming started ,and it works amazingly, Try it

Download Skyfire:

Install both apk skyfire and license apk