Thursday, 2 February 2012

FinalStrike 3D on HVGA(320x480) and QVGA (240x320) All Android phones

FinalStrike 3D on HVGA(320x480) and QVGA (240x320) All Android phones

Cool 3D action game Final Strike 3D, its a full version and playable and works smoother,nice graphics and gameplay.
FinalStrike 3D - is a modern 3D helicopter action game
One of the most popular award-winning 3D games for Samsung Bada is now available for Android!

2 campaigns with 13 missions, action-packed
6 types of weapons, including guns, rockets and bombs
Over 30 different types of enemies
4 different helicopter
Absolutely detailed 3-D graphics
Support App2SD

Copy Data Folder to SDCard/abinteractive/games/finalstrike3d
1)Extract finalstrike3d.rar
2)Create a new Folder in ur SDCard and give name of that folder abinteractive
3)Now open abinteractive folder and in abinteractive folder create a new folder and 4ive name of that folder Games
5)Now move that extracted folder finalstrike3d in to games
6)Install apk and play
If u dont wanna follow instruction then try this one, install apk and open it it will ask u to download data files then select yes and then cancel it and exit game now folders will be already created in ur SDCard abinteractive/games/finalstrike3d
so now just move that extracted folder to abinteractive/games/finalstrike3d,Enjoy

Download Link(HVGA)(QVGA)(APK+DATA):
Thanks to Charan for this game